Garrett Hawkins

Studio Drumming

Recording music is my absolute favorite thing about being a musician. There’s something truly incredible about watching the songs you’ve worked hard on finally come to life. I’ve had the privilege of drumming for a wide range of artists across many genres to make their songs sound just the way they want. If you’re looking for a real drummer to bring some life to your tracks than I would be happy to help.

How it Works

Send Your Songs

First you send me your song in any state. It can be a rough demo, or a nearly complete recording, as long as it’s recorded to a metronome.

Drum Recording

A range of options are available depending on your budget: I can record at either my private studio, or a state of the art studio in Nashville, TN.

Make Changes

I'll send you a rough cut of the song to listen to. We can discuss any adjustments or edits you want made, and then I can re-record or make edits until you are completely satisfied.

Get Tracks

Get your new tracks in either a stereo mixdown or as individual stems for you to drop right into your DAW. I can also perform mixing and editing for you if desired.

I’ve recorded hundreds of drummers and can say that Garrett is the real deal. Hiring Garrett will make your tracks sound infinitely better than using generic, programmed drum tracks.

- Sean Stack, Producer/Engineer/Mixer, Fat Cat Recording Studio (United States)

Garrett’s incredibly innovative playing displays both flair and nuance; he is without a doubt, the future start of remote drumming.

- David James Garland, Useless Humans (Ireland)

Garrett is everything an overseas production is looking for! Enthusiastic, flexible and with a wonderful price! I am yet to meet him in person, but I already know that I want him working on my next project as well! Thanks Garrett!”

- BEC LAVELLE (Multi Platinum Recording Artist, Australia)

Garrett Hawkins is a monster drummer, phenomenally talented and one of the most professional and humble musicians I have worked with.

- Chandra, Utopian Trap, (United States)

I have hired Garrett as a session drummer for numerous recording projects and he is quite simply one of the best session drummers I have had the pleasure working with

- Karen Waters, Red Rebel Music (Australia)

Garrett is a real great drummer. He’s reliable, a fast learner and a nice guy. A real pro who getsthe job done!

- Dylan, Mr Hyde (United States)

He is very knowledgeable in theory and adapts his playing to anything. You can’t go wrong when choosing him

- ­Sean Dougan, Ember Beside Us, Coventry Square (United States)

Garrett is a brilliant drummer very easy to work with and very flexible. Drum sound fantastic and he is very tight. I can only recommend him.

- Forbes4 (Switzerland)

Garrett Hawkins is a professional drummer who puts 110% in everything he does.

- Chad Bushnell, Country Artist, (United States)

Garrett is one of the most technically spot­on drummers around. I truly has been an honor to have had the privilege to work with him. ­

- Bubba, Bubba and the Boys, (United States)

Very happy with the work and will hire him again

- ­Jazzopie, (United States)

His live drums transformed how my songs sounded! I look forward to continuing to work with Garrett on my projects.

- Brian Havrilla, Devices Divide (United States)


Area Gray




Phil Wickham (Drum Cover)


Anberlin (Drum Cover)

Feel Good Drag

Sir Sly (Drum Cover)

You Haunt Me

Area Gray

Survival Mode

Young the Giant (Drum Cover)

Cough Syrup

Useless Humans


The Maine (Drum Cover)

Do You Remember?


Take Flight

Coventry Square

The Sea King- EP

Utopian Trap

Wired Ruins

Coventry Square

Coventry Square - EP

Coventry Square

Blinded (Play-through)

Coventry Square

Stray (Play-Through)


From the Beginning

Utopian Trap


Bubba and the Boys

All over Again

Bec Lavelle

Kehr Wieder - The Way I Love You

Sam Hunt (Drum Cover)

Leave the Night On

Auburn Road (Drum Cover)


Florida Georgia Line (Drum Cover)


Luke Bryan (Live Cover)

Chad Bushnell - "All My Friends"

Are you ready for a real drummer?

If you're interested in having me drum for you feel free to get in touch, I would love to know about your project! Let me know if there's any information you believe would be important, or if you have any questions.