Garrett Hawkins

Live Drumming

What are you looking for in a live drummer? I have experience playing in just about every type of venue imaginable from stadiums, bars, and churches, to weddings, rodeos, and house shows. I have completely professional gear, can play with or without clicks and tracks, and have experience playing live with bands in a huge range of musical styles. Whether you’re looking for a drummer for a stadium tour, or a percussionist to play Cajon at a coffee shop gig, I have all the equipment and experience needed to back up your band.

The Story So Far

In 2016 I played a total of 73 shows around California touring and playing with a variety of Rock bands, Country artists, and Punk groups. Doing this allowed me to open up for some huge names in Country Music such as Cannan Smith, Exile, Aaron Watson, and Mark Chestnutt, and to experience what touring life is truly like. Since moving to Tennessee I've become the drummer for multiple house bands and churches, and continue to play live multiple times a week.

Garrett is hard working and prepared. I would recommend him for your project, but I’d rather keep him for myself!

- Nate Smith, Worship Director at Hillside Church

I had a drummer cancel shortly before a tour, and contacted Garrett about playing drums. He learned a large set list for the band extremely quickly and accurately. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

- Matt W, Manager, Lace & Lead Band

I’ve had the pleasure of playing in two bands with Garrett. He is a very tight drummer and is open to anything musically. You can’t go wrong when choosing him.

- Sean Dougan, Ember Beside Us, Coventry Square

Garrett is one of the most technically spot-on drummers around. It truly has been an honor to have had the privilege to work with him.

- Bubba, Bubba and the Boys

Garrett puts 110% in everything he does. From playing in the studio to performing live shows, he is one of the best upcoming drummers around!

- Chad Bushnell

I’d be hard-pressed to imagine a better drummer and person. I give him a 5-star rating. Unequivocally

- Lloyd, Red Pills/ Removed


The Maine (Drum Cover)

Do You Remember

Phil Wickham (Drum Cover)


Sir Sly (Drum Cover)

You Haunt Me

Anberlin (Drum Cover)

Feel Good Drag

Auburn Road (Drum Cover)


Joel Vaughn

Alive In Us

Coventry Square


Coventry Square

Full Set

Coventry Square


Sam Hunt (Drum Cover)

Leave the Night On

If the House is Rocking (Drum Solo)

Chad Bushnell - Live Cover

Auburn Road (Drum Cover)


Luke Bryan (Live Cover)

Chad Bushnell - "All My Friends Say"

Florida Georgia Line (Drum Cover)


Chris Young (Cajon Cover)

Bubba and the Boys- "You"

Kirstie Kraus

Take Me Everywhere

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Notable Bands

Levi Hummon

Joel Vaughn

Chad Bushnell

Area Gray

Bubba and the Boys

Jake Durkin & Co.

Lace and Lead

Coventry Square

Hillside Live

Disciples Church

Tiffany Lorraine

Kirstie Kraus

C.S.U.S Concert Band


Cagney Frizzell & The Nashville Cowboys